02/2019 + WH selected for the rehabilitation of the plumbing workshop of the Estuaire high school in Blaye (33)
01/2019 + Completed works for the HMM House (Paris 11)
01/2019 + Opening of our new office at 10 rue de Rome 75008 Paris !!
12/2018 + Work in progress for the Pôle des Excellences Maritimes Atelier des Capucins in Brest (29) with the office Brochet-Lajus-Pueyo
11/2018 + WH win the competition for the renovation and extension of the Bièvres (91) Gymnasium
08/2018 + Work in progress for the Vaclav Havel High School laundry in Bègles (33)
08/2018 + Work in progress for the Alésia solar complex refurbishment (Paris 14)



WH was born of the meeting of Julien Woycinkiewicz and David Héron.

Numerous years of experience in world famous architecture agencies of international scope have enabled them to develop far reaching projects at various scales.

These acquired abilities make it possible today for WH to adapt to all types of orders, and to treat just as well individual or collective housing projects and public equipment orders.

Numerous clients, contracting authorities and partners have trusted their skills for the designs as well as for the following up either of new buildings or of restorations and improvements of old properties.

Rather than dealing with concepts WH endeavour to build up an architectural choice allowing them to deliver singular building designs in keeping with the principles of efficiency and sincerity.

An open architecture rid of complexes in order to nurture our senses and rediscover poetry in everyday life.

Julien Woycinkiewicz

Julien Woycinkiewicz – Partner Architect at WH

Born in 1982 in Bordeaux ( France )

Graduate from the Bordeaux Regional Music Conservatoire in 2000

Graduate from the Bordeaux National School of Architecture in 2007

For more than twelve years of experience in collaboration with the Brochet – Lajus – Pueyo Architecture Agency, he has had the opportunity to develop important projects in France and world wide from competition to achievement.

He has notably followed the achievement of the Pole Culturel et Sportif du Bois Fleuri in Lormont which was awarded the Agora Prize in 2012, important urban projects, collective housing projects, old people’s homes, multimedia libraries, schools and museums.

He recently delivered the Verdun Memorial Museum and he carried out the scenography of the first Memorial temporary exhibition. This building was awarded the 2016 Gustave Eiffel Prize.

David Héron

David Héron – Partner Architect at WH

Born in 1987 in Tours ( France )

Master one graduate from the Haute Ecole Spécialisée Bernoise ( MJA 2010 )

Graduate from Bordeaux National School of Architecture in 2012

Thanks to an international career path from Switzerland to the Gulf States he has developped technical and managerial skills on large scale projects with important political stakes.

While on an assignment abroad for nearly a year he participated in the design of the extension of the Dubaï underground railway to the 2020 World Fair future site.

By working for several years for the AREP agency created by Etienne Tricaud and Jean Marie Duthilleul, he has contributed to the restoration of the Part Dieu station in Lyon and to the achievement of the Pole d’Echange Multimodal in Lorient.


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